Onto Phase 2!

Onto Phase 2!

We will have roughly 1500 hearts w/ #thankyou for distribution on Saturday.  (Still working on where the distribution will be done.)  Obviously we won’t have enough for everyone so we are posting this design for you to print out and hold up!


 We are hoping everyone holds them up at the end of the Q+A that Jordan says will be happening. Also, if you will be at any of the NYC events (specifically the Today show) bring them along!  This is a couple million viewers watching this so let’s show what Block Nation can REALLY do.  (And maybe distract Al when he’s doing the weather ;p.)

We have had many ask for an avi to use on Twitter on Saturday for those of us not attending the show, so – ask and ye shall receive! Please do not use this as your avi UNTIL SATURDAY NIGHT.  The time of the show is at 7:30 PM Eastern time.  Use www.timeanddate.com to convert to your local time.


For UK fans:

Billboard’s website (www.orderbillboard.com) ships internationally, however, this may be a cheaper option for you:Faye on BN wrote this as well for people wanting to buy Billboard in the UK.

It would allow them to purchase individual copies of the magazine where other UK stockists will only import if you subscribe for 6 months.
Its from NewsStand for those not in the city etc this might be a great help…plus it also mentions in the FAQ section..
”If you would like magazines delivered abroad, please change the delivery destination on the right hand side and all the prices will adjust across the site to include delivery to that destination”


The ad is paid off, officially placed and will be running in the April 6th (Issue 13) issue of Billboard Magazine, which will be on shelves and in stores on March 30th! (Note: that means it is NOT the one that is out this week with John Mayer on the cover, we’ve asked who will be on the cover and will update once we know!)

As we promised, here is a breakdown of the numbers and costs associated with this project:

Total amount raised: $8889

Cost of the Billboard ad: $6410

Cost of framing: $1091

Set aside $100 for mailing (envelopes, shipping of raffle prizes, etc.)

Total left over: $1288

The excess amount, as promised, will be split 3 ways ($429.33 each) and donated to the charities: Mass Eye and Ear, Trevor Project, and Susan G Komen.

We’re still in the process of finding out how many tear sheets Billboard will be able to give us and distribute them first come first serve, based on the list we’ve been compiling on Twitter of those who’ve asked to recieve a copy, and will contact you with details and shipping costs. We will do our best to get to everyone, but it will be limited supply – if you live in an area that has a newsstand or magazine store that carries Billboard, that will be the quickest and easiest way to get your copy, but you also can order it online or view the magazine online (iPad app and via webapp).

Now – we’re moving onto PHASE 2!!

If you’re attending the Orpheum show on March 30th, several people will be distributing hearts that read “#thankyou” – Please pick one up! We’ll give more details on what we’re doing with the hearts in the coming days!

(Why #thankyou?  Because I need to blame HIM once a week.  https://t.co/jiMl84duDQ – Maria)

We’re still working out the exact details on how the framed copies will be passed off to the guys, but it *will* happen. We’re in contact with the important people who we need to be in contact with!

For those who obtain a copy of Billboard on the 30th, we would like to request that you please refrain from tweeting photos of the ad until the show is underway as to not ruin the presentation.

Thank you (again, profusely) for all of your support, donations, and help with making this project happen!

Maria, Dena, and Lori


Start Spreading The (Musical) News….

Thanks to your support, we have achieved our goal to have a full page ad in Billboard magazine!

The ad will appear in the April 6th edition of the magazine, with the street date of March 30th (the day of the Boston show)!

We have been compiling a list of those who want a copy of the ad and we do our best to get to everyone however we will be given a limited amount by Billboard. There are several ways to buy it if you don’t want to wait for it or if you prefer to buy it on your own:

-The magazine is available at most major newsstands across North America
-You can buy it through their website: http://www.orderbillboard.com/BackIssueList.aspx?PNO=BLI&pk=MBIZ (and they do ship worldwide)
-You can download the Ipad App and buy the issue through there: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/billboard-magazine/id591211844
-You can buy the digital issue via Zinio http://ca.zinio.com/search/index.jsp?pageRequested=1&showTitles=limit&newsstandSearch=true&predict=true&flag=mags&s=billboard&button.x=0&button.y=0

We will only have a limited amount of tear sheets given to us from Billboard, and we will contact you in order that when we received your request.

As of a result of meeting our objective, any left over funds will be split 3 ways to the following charities: Remember Betty, The Mass Eye and Ear and the Trevor Project. The raffles will continue until March 17th 11:59 PM Eastern so we can give them some nice checks. :)

We are in the process of contacting management to give the group framed copies of the ad on behalf of the fans at the Boston event.

The ad itself will be posted the day of the show. You know #wizardcia and all that.

We are in final negotiations of placing the ad and making the payment for it with Billboard, which should be done by early next week. We will be posting a full breakdown of all funds that have come in, what has been spent and where every dollar is going in the next few days.

We want to thank everyone who helped in any way whether it was donating prizes, translating the website, tweeting out the account name, donating and simply putting faith in us and believing it would happen.

Love live the Block!


Dena, Maria, Lori, and Laurina

Project Update

Good News!!! We’re currently at just around $5,400 in donations, which is enough for a full page ad in the Boston Herald, framed copies for each member, and donations to the charities. We’re hoping for more, though – as the original goal was to place an ad in Billboard Magazine rather than a Boston paper (Boston was always a “plan B”)

Our mandate was to be about transparency. So we want to go through with you what has been going on the past week.

As it stands, we can place an ad in the Boston Herald on the date of the release party (March 30) and the guys will all be in town to see the ad and have it presented to them in some way. However, we’ve gone back and forth with Billboard finding out that our initial quote of $4800 was given to us by the wrong department. It’s taken several days and some scrambling on our part to get them to give us a solid quote back, this time from the correct department, and we’ve talked them down to a price of $6,400 for a full page black & white ad.

We do feel that the $6,400 goal is attainable, but it is a bit more than we originally had stated, and we wanted everyone to be aware of the change. We’d also like to be able to present each member with a framed copy of the ad, so the Billboard total goal would be $7,000.

The deadline for Billboard to place an ad in their March 30th issue is going to be March 18th by 12:00 Noon PDT.

If by that time, we haven’t reached the goal, we will need to go with the “plan B” option of the Boston Herald, which is still an incredible choice and we’ll be able to get copies of either the newspaper or the ad itself for those who are out of town. The Herald also has an “e-copy” that you are able to view via the Apple Store for free. No matter which it ends up in (Billboard vs Boston Herald), this full page ad is going to be an incredible way to congratulate the guys and sure to cause a few tears!

There also have been a few questions regarding the ad text, and we want to be clear that we will not be any individual names published in the ad. Partially due to space limitations, partially due about presenting this as one unit, but we feel that the message comes across much better as “from the blockheads”/”million sisters” vs from “these people who donated”.

We’re completely blown away and humbled by the support everyone has given us in such a short period of time to get to this goal and to congratulate our guys that we all love. THANK YOU! It wouldn’t be possible without each and every one of you guys’ support. That is what makes the Blockheads incredible!

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly either on the surprise account or our individual ones.

Donnie “Build A Bear” Mini Raffle

Up for auction is a build a bear with a voicebox recording from Donnie himself!!!!

The recording says “Hi I’m Donnie bear and I’m a Leo!” Followed by Donnie giggling (yes giggling)!

Raffle tickets for this are $5 dollars each – Yes its higher than other raffle items, but this is a one of a kind item that I am parting with in hopes this will help bring us to that $6400.00 goal!

When buying this raffle you MUST include your twitter name and specify that its for the DONNIE BEAR prize in the message field when paying! The paypal to buy raffles for this prize is Nktensurprise@gmail.com

This raffle will be open until 3/17 11:59 est and winner will be pick and announced on 3/18


Blinged Red Sox Jacket Raffle

Up for Raffle is a Blinged out size XL Red Sox Jacket blinged out by @a_lil_bling The NKs official wardrobe customizer!

The jacket was worn By Donnie, but ultimately they decided on a different jacket for the look they were going for!

This is a one of a kind item donated to us by Michelle aka @a_lil_bling

Raffles for this jacket are $5 each! Remember when purchasing raffle tickets you must put your twitter name and specify this is for the Red Sox jacket! The paypal to buy raffles for this prize is Nktensurprise@gmail.com

This raffle will be open until 3/17 11:59pm est and winner will be pick and announced on 3/18

photo (1) photo



Surprise Details

3/10 Update: We are working on the final stages of planning and choosing which publication, size, shape, etc of ad we’re going to be placing and will  update you all as soon as we have those worked out! We don’t want to post one thing and have to go back on our word if things change, so we promise – details soon (and not Donnie soon!).
In case you missed it on Twitter,  if you are interested in getting a copy of the publication after it prints, please tweet @Denaaaa so she can add you to the list she is compiling so we know how many extra copies we need to obtain.
And again, none of this would be possible without the support of EVERYONE who has been helping us out, either with donations or word of mouth, or translating into another language – you guys are incredible. Thank you!
3/7 Update: We’re still working on getting the finalized ad quotes from the different publications, and we’ll choose which option to go with from there – but as of 7:30pm (less than 48 hours of launch) we have reached $4000!!!! We can’t even express how much we are in awe and amazement over the power of the BH family in supporting this project. THANK YOU!


Hello BHs!!!! So I guess you are all wondering what the big surprise is ;) With all the excitement surrounding the upcoming release of “10″, we thought wouldn’t it be nice to thank the NKs for all they do for us? The idea was discussed and tossed around and we came up with the plan to take an ad out in Billboard magazine to the guys from us the fans congratulating them on the release of the new album. But in order to make this happen we all need to come together on this to get it done. Taking an ad out doesn’t come cheap, but with hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide we can make this happen.

To participate the minimum to donate is $2.00, but you can send any amount you want.

Every BH that sends in a donation will be entered into a raffle to win a NK surprise:

Any donation of $5.00 or more will be entered into a special raffle to win a Blue Bloods season Two box set autographed by Donnie.

Any donation of $10.00 or more will be entered into a special raffle to win a Breakfast club tee shirt not only worn by Donnie, but autographed by him as well.

Raffle Clarification: Any donation of $10+ will get you an entry into the tshirt raffle, as well as 2 entries into the Blue Bloods raffle.   Or, for example, a $20 donation will get 2 entries into the tshirt raffle and 4 into the Blue Bloods raffle. 

Money is accepted by PayPal only via Nktensurprise@gmail.com. All donations are needed as soon as possible, but last day to do so will be March 22nd. Please note when making your donation to select “gift” when sending and include your Twiter name in the message box!

If by any chance we earn more money than what we actually need to pay for the ad we will donate the money to charity (specifically the charities the guys support such as Remember Betty, Trevor Project, and Mass Eye and Ear).


To address something that we wish we didn’t have to; Unfortunately after what happened with the BH party before the cruise last year we understand some are very hesitant to give out money. We understand this and that’s why Maria, Lori, Laurina and myself (Dena) are being very open about who we are and what we are planning on doing. Between us we have lots of followers and we’d like to think that many of you know us and know what we are about and scamming BHs out of money is definitely not in any of our agendas.

If the goal of what we need to raise is not met we have a back up plan of taking an ad out instead with a Boston newspaper. If that goal can’t be reached either we will issue anyone who wants a refund a full refund back. Anyone who still wants to participate in the raffles can do so and all money raised will be split equally and donated to Remember Betty, Trevor Project and Mass Eye and Ear.

This project isn’t about one fan, its about all of us doing something special for the guys we’ve all loved for 25+ years.

That said we hope you will all participate if you can.

If you have any questions feel free to tweet @nktensurprise

Much love, Dena, Maria, Lori and Laurina xo

(aka @Denaaaa, @yikes77, @BlancoDiddy, and @miss_tattoo)


Donnie Mini Raffle

Mini Donnie themed raffle is up for grabs.

Donnie raffle includes one signed NK tee shirt, one dvd of Donnie in Kings of South Beach, one dvd of Donnie in Triggerman and one magnet Donnie calendar.

To win this prize, raffles are 1 for $2.00 and 3 for $5.00 When buying this raffle you MUST include your twitter name and specify that its for the Donnie prize in the message field when paying! The paypal to buy raffles for this prize is Nktensurprise@gmail.com

This raffle will be open until 3/17 11:59pm est and winner will be pick and announced on 3/18


Joey Mini Raffle

Mini Joey themed raffle is up for grabs.

Joey raffle includes one signed Joey pic, 1 NK tee shirt, 2 large (6 inch) old school Joey buttons.

To win this prize, raffles are 1 for $2.00 and 3 for $5.00 When buying this raffle you MUST include your twitter name and specify that its for the Joey prize in the message field when paying! The paypal to buy raffles for this prize is Nktensurprise@gmail.com

This raffle will be open until 3/17 11:59pm est and winner will be pick and announced on 3/18

Danny Mini Raffle

Mini Danny themed raffle is up for grabs.

Danny raffle includes one autographed (in box) mini Danny action figure doll, 1 Danny Wood Second Face cd, 2 large (6 inch) old school Danny buttons and mini old school Danny puzzle, also signed!

To win this prize, raffles are 1 for $2.00 and 3 for $5.00 When buying this raffle you MUST include your twitter name and specify that its for the Danny prize in the message field when paying! The paypal to buy raffles for this prize is Nktensurprise@gmail.com

This raffle will be open until 3/17 11:59pm est and winner will be pick and announced on 3/18

441 thoughts on “Onto Phase 2!

  1. Just to ease some people’s mind about the “scamming issue” is there anyway to let us know how much needs to be raised and update us on how much has be received to date?

    • Yes! We will definitely post amounts raised and keep everyone as up to date as possible – at no point do we want anyone to be worried about anything sketchy going on.

  2. Okay, first of all, I love you guys for doing this!!! What a great idea! Thank you for taking this on. It’s clear that you’ve put a lot of thought into it and considered all the possibilities. So, thanks! Second, I’ll definitely chip in! After payday of course. :-) Third, I haven’t cruised before, so not sure what the story you were referencing was about. Sounds like a mess!
    One question: I was just curious how much an ad in Billboard is? You said it wasn’t cheap, so now you’ve piqued my curiosity. :-) 1k? 5k? 10k? Dying to know here!
    Thanks again. You can count on me to add a few bucks! @TeresaAZE

    • No need to go into full details on the cruise story, but… shady things were done, money was promised to charities that never received it. We plan to be as transparent as we can by giving out all of the numbers of what has been raised, what the ad cost is, and what amount is donated to charity. Definitely don’t want anyone to think that any amount is unaccounted for or went somewhere other than promised!

  3. What an amazing idea! I love it! Really want to be a part of it but my Paypal isn’t connected to anything at the moment. I will try to donate by the deadline!

  4. A-MA-ZING idea. because i do follow most of you, i know how legit this project is. i don’t know why i am surprised at you tackling such a task, but thank you for your thoughtfulness and dedication to NKOTB. all of you are bh sisters i am proud to have. I’m happy to participate and show them how much we love them!

  5. Awesome idea Sistas! count me in :) will do when I get home..I’ve known ya’s via here and nkotb.com over the last 4 yrs and ave been involved in projects run by @miss_tattoo ♡bhfamily xo

  6. That’s fantastic idea! The guys will be SO MOVED and will always remember this. This is the best way to show the whole world that the guys do have the BEST fans! Like Joe said “Let’s get this!”

  7. I’m in! I can’t donate until next Tuesday but it’ll be there.

    I admit, I was a bit concerned to hear of another group collecting of money after the cruise party situation last year but I “know” of each of you and trust you guys. Lori is a personal friend and I know she wouldn’t be involved with anything shady.


    • ;) XOXO! The only reason our names are attached at all (this is from the “fans” not any one or two people will be mentioned!) is just in hopes to make people realize it is legitimate and hopefully our own reputations will speak for themselves. Thank you Mary!

  8. Is it possible to have some sort of tally added to this site so we can see how much we’re aiming for and how much has been raised at a glance? Thanks.

  9. HI am in london england is then anyway a option for for Internation BH can be done ie we pay for you to send us a copy of the magzine with ad in ? As I have never see bill board magzine on Import over here ? and are all the raffle Internation too ? thanks you

  10. What a great idea! Thanks for doing all the work involved. I think the world is ready to see what REAL fans are and this is just the way to show them! I’ll be donating right now :-)


  11. Great idea ladies!
    I donated last night and now again when I heard about the Jon raffle.
    I’m Canadian and didn’t have any trouble with PayPal. The gift option is on the personal page and it’s literally only a few cents more, so you won’t even notice the difference. :)

    Hope we reach our goal!

  12. can brazilian Bhs take part on it too??? I really loved the idea =) also Im sure there are lots of us from brazil who would like to be in… I could help spreading the word over here… =)

  13. What a great idea! :) I may be the only person out there who doesn’t have a paypal account set up yet..but I will shortly! :) Hope this works out & I can’t wait to see the end results.
    LET’S GET THIS! ;)

  14. I think this is a cool idea but I do have one question/concern. Will the ad have your names listed or just be from “the fans”. To be honest, I won’t contribute if the ad is going to be like “congrats. love, maria,lori,laurena,dena, oh and everybody else too”. You know what I mean? Not trying to be rude, just honest. I don’t want to spend my hard earned money to pimp out someone else :)

    • We completely understand the concern!

      The ad will be from “the fans” / “the blockheads” with no names listed – it will be a collective effort, and definitely not specifically from one (or 3 or 4) fans. This isn’t a project that is meant to be for any specific persons recognition, it is for recognition of the guys. :)

  15. This is truly a clever and thoughtful idea! Thank you so much for taking on this major endeavor. Like someone said in an earlier post, it’s a great way to let the guys AND the world know that NKOTB have the best and most supportive fans. Also, the fact that you ladies have taken this project on shows that we really are all BH sisters! I currently don’t have a paypal account, but will be setting one up specifically for this purpose. So prous to be a BH!
    Karen @karencass

  16. I don’t know how much it would cost to do it but if it is a less expensive option look at taking an ad out in Variety also. Either way this is an awesome idea and I know I will be contributing

    • It’ll depend on which magazine/paper we run it in, but we’re going for as close as possible to the release of the album or possibly the date of the release party in Boston : )

  17. This is a wonderful idea. I know a graphic designer if you need someone in that capacity to help with the add. I can’t wait to see the reaction from the guys!!!!

  18. Hi, I’m from Peru and I trying to send my contribution but I just have two options: “Properties” and “Services or others”
    Thanks for your help and congrats for the amazing idea =)

  19. Hi! I have not been a fan as long as most of you. I was born in 86′ so I was a little too young to know who they were lol. I became a fan a year or so ago, but I feel as if I have been a fan forever. Love Donnie, have always been a fan of his acting career!! Thanks for all of the updates and videos and everything you post about the guys, it’s very much appreciated :o )

    Lisa (@DDubs_Psych19)

    • The “Option 1″ was quoted at about $4800, and we’re definitely on our way there! As of now, we have about $3600 and will be able to place an ad *somewhere*, it’ll just depend on the final total as to which outlet we choose.

  20. Thank you SO much for putting this together. Ive been a fan from the start and this is a Beautiful way to do something for our guys. Love jordans kryptoknight shirt. Totally gonna be apart of this and the jordan mini raffle also. JKgirl4eva (DonnieTendacies) :°D

  21. YAY!!
    This is one of the best ideas EVER! I hope we will raise enough for the magazine page…and also that we will be notified when the issue is coming out! I HAVE TO Have that!!
    Does anyone know as of yet how much it costs and how much has been raised as of now? I’d love to know/see a daily thermostat thingy to see our goal. (sorry if this has been talked about already, I haven’t read any other comments or replies *blushes
    (Also, remember to post stuff via Facebook too…I have twitter, but I am not there as often)

    • The ad cost we were quoted (for option 1) was about $4800, and we’re currently (as of 10:30am) at about $3600. We’re well on our way to making it happen! :)

      I’ll definitely be sharing the ad and the date it’ll appear as soon as we have those details!

  22. I love the power of Block Nation, pulling together for this surprise for the guys. Even though we have problems with each other sometimes, and don’t always see eye to eye, this is one thing we CAN all agree on. Those men give so much love to us, and it’s such a great feeling to be able to show that love in return. :)
    Can’t wait to see the finished project.
    Jamie a.k.a. @twisted_mama

  23. I specifically set up a Pay Pal account to be able to contribute to this awesome adventure. To be able to say that I help contribute to an ad in Billboard for my favorite band is just….. beyond words.

    Thank you for your great idea. Will contribute as soon as I get paid.

  24. puttin’ in my contribution… DID!
    <3 da idea! a gr8 way to show our appreciation for those 5 fine lads!
    fanx girls for organising this!
    #BHLove #LoveEternal #LetsGetThis #Ahf*ckyeah!
    - @JKsHuNNiP0T

  25. Is the name attached to the paypal account “Lenora Dixon”? I hope I sent it to the correct email address! Please let me know so I can correct the error if I made one. Thanks!!

  26. Ok this BH Sister needs help! Please explain exactly where I need to go and what I need to do to make my donation:-( I have no idea what I am doing. #confused Thank you!

    • Alison, Did you figure out what to do? You just need to go to paypal.com and “send money” to the email address listed above. Let us know on twitter (@nktensurprise) if you are still needing help!

  27. Love, love, LOVE the idea :-D Thanks for doing this ladies! Really wish I could get a hold of the actual magazine – do you think you will be able to let us know exactly when the ad will be featured? Then I could probably have American friends buy me a copy (chances of finding it here in Denmark seems slim to none).

    - Malene, twitter: @Mumi79

  28. You just tweeted to send our name if we wanted a copy sent to us. I’m in the US, so if it’s going in Billboard Mag, I can buy it my self, but if its going in a local newspaper then, YES please, I’d love a copy. I’ll send the $ when needed. Please, just let us know – when you have decided where the page is going.

    • Did you send a tweet to @Denaaaa to be added to the list for copies? We’re working on getting together a list of how many copies we’ll need to purchase ahead of time and can come up with what the cost will be! :)

      • I saw this comment and tweeted Dena on Mandy’s behalf yesterday to make sure she had her down on the list in case we didn’t end up going with option A.

  29. Money sent. TY guys xxx Wonderful to be included in this – great idea!

    BTW – I forgot to add my raffle preferences before I sent………… Jordan please if its not too late :-)

    • We can/will do both! The copies will all be at cost of the item + shipping to you, so that is up in the air as of yet, but we’ll definitely have a scanned version.

  30. Was finally able to get my donation in yesterday. Im so excited I be a part of this, and I congratulate you ladies for coming up with it. And I was just wondering, are the mini raffles to finance the same thing?

  31. I just sent in another contribution and realized I forgot to include my twitter name (@Lvn_NKOTB_4Evr) to be included in the Mini Joey Raffle ;)

  32. Just a thought and if there’s enough money left….Has anyone looked into maybe renting a billboard in Boston (maybe near the arena/theater they’re playing in that city)? Not sure of the cost, but it would be neat to have it in their hometown where their family and friends could see it as well.

  33. Great job!!! Both plans are wonderful. I would love to see BillBoard since more people will see it and wish they had fans like us. Lol I don’t know how many actually donated but 160 at $10 each can get us to Plan A deluxe. I totally agree to present as one unit. Let me know how I can further help!

  34. If you’re already at $5400, it seems that $6400 is well within reach. I don’t think that getting each of the guys a framed copy should be a deal breaker, especially since it was never mentioned in the beginning. Plus Billboard is more obtainable than the Boston Hearald, making it readily available to more fans. In all honesty, I don’t think I would have participated had I originally known it was for a local paper.

  35. I want to chip in some cash and need your help. I have never used pay pal so what do I do where do I start etc and I want in on the raffles I’m lost ladies but I know u will guide me

  36. Love the idea for Billboard magazine (which is on newsstands for a week) and have already donated. Not to exited about the possibility of it only being seen in Boston (for one day). I understand the fixation with March 30th and wanting to surprise the guys at the release party, but Billboard hits newsstands on Mondays, so the March 30th issue come out on March 25th and will have been on shelves for almost a full week before the release party. Wouldn’t it be better to go for the April 1st issue which hits stands the following Monday and the day before the actual release of the CD?
    With the April 1st date, the guys could still be presented with framed copies two days before it actually hits stands. (which would be more of a surprise compared to receiving it almost a full week later.)
    But, as Micky stated above, I don’t think having enough money for framed copies of the ad should be a deal breaker. Not having them does not take away from the thought and gesture from the fans.

    As far as the Boston Herald goes, keep in mind the hassle of collecting enough issues to send out to everyone requesting one when the issue is only on stands for one day whereas Billboard is on stands for a week and you’d only need to collect issues for those unable to obtain one outside the U.S.

    Lastly, maybe it should read “Congratulation from your Blockhead family” as opposed to “from the blockheads” or ”million sisters”.
    IMO, “the blockheads” just doesn’t sound right and not all blockheads are female.

    Just my two cents.

    • Thank you for your input Melissa, and I promise we *are* taking it all into account. All the suggestions, comments and concerns are helpful to get us to our end result – this is about “everyone” and not just a few, so I’d rather have the input than not!

    • Good point. Why give the guys framed copies a week late? If they give the guys framed copies at the party on the 30th it will be a true surprise even if they find out about the surprise beforhand because they will have not seen the actual layout since it hasn’t been published. Once you lay it all out it is a bit confusing as to why they would want it in the march 25th issue.

  37. $5,400! Amazing! And 6 days to raise another $1, 600? No worries. BH’s are amazing. Thanks for sorting this out on all of our behalves for the guys.
    (A super big Boo! to them giving you the wrong quote first time though.)

  38. I would like to personally thank you ladies for including all of us BH’s in this special gift for the guys. You could have easily done something individually for them & the fact that you included all of us speaks volumes, plus, it shows that we’re a family, not just fans of a boy band. I’m sure that whatever option is decided, the guys will most appreciate the thought, consideration and especially…the LOVE that went behind planning this for them. As we know, they are always the most humble guys, but I’m sure that whatever we do will humble them even more. Great work ladies!!

  39. “presenting this as one unit”?
    The ad itself reflects the idea of it being from “one unit” (the fans), but the presentation of the framed ads seems a bit self serving to whomever is trying to get on stage with the boys to do the presenting. If one of the Jared’s or staff presents them, fine. But, if one or more the girls putting it together were to present it, it would be obvious that they wanted to be singled out and get attention and want to make sure the guys knew it was their idea. But without the support or funds of many many fans it would/could never happen, or else they would have done it alone. If the names of people donating can’t be named “partially due to presenting this as one unit”, the entire project should be faceless/nameless.

    Started as a good idea, but like all the others, it has turned out to be sefl serving.
    Never again.

    • We would love the presentation to be done on stage, only because that would mean “everyone” (either via being in the audience or via Youtube video) would get to see them receive them, however, out of the 4 of us only 1 is even attending the event, and she has no desire to be on stage.

      The exact details of presentation haven’t been worked out, but we will be in contact with management to find a way to get it to them – backstage, on stage, or however Jared (etc) wants to handle it. It’s up to them. But it isn’t about “us” presenting it to them – it’s from the fans. We’re more than happy to let Jared present it on stage on behalf of the fans.

  40. You ladies are amazing!!! I am so glad to donate and be a part of this amazing gift. I know Lori and Maria and their head and hearts are in the right place, two very kind people who would never deceive or act selfishly. Whatever the ad is it will be awesome because these ladies are just that. Good Luck! I can’t wait to see the outcome.

  41. Why not have a Draw on March 30th at the show for 5 lucky BH’s in attendance to present each of the guys the framed copy of the publication that would be really cool and woul definately address the annimosity I feel brewing on here regarding a certain few getting to present as part of their own agenda. Thanks to the ladies who got this started and who continue to make this happened on behalf of the collective group I appreciate your efforts and I know I couldn’t have done what you all have done so cheers to you all and Let’s Gets This done xoxo from just one of the million sisters

    • No agenda here! Only 1 of the 4 of us that are arranging this project will even be in attendance, and has zero interest in being on stage. We’re more focused on the details of getting the ad placed right now than the details of the presentation, but we’ll get those details worked out shortly too!

  42. 1.) Is it possible to get an update on where the total stands? It may motivate people (like me) to donate more if we know where we stand and have an idea of what’s needed.
    2.) Will an announcement be made once goal is met or will you just continue to accept donations until the deadline with the excess going to charity? Thanks!

  43. WOW! Amazing job ladies and BHs around the world for exceeding goal..Only BHs could unite in this manner and make it happen. I hope someone at the show will record this being presented to them and post for those of us who can’t be there…
    I just bought more raffles tickets too., since leftover funds got to great charities it’s all worth it..xoxo

  44. Better late than never! Thank you ladies for taking the time to do this and for it being a success. Glad the goal was able to be reached and that even the charities will benefit from it. I know you will give us all the information that is being asked once the total has been tallied. Let’s just remember that this is for the guys and not for us. Thanks again and glad to be able to contribute to this!

  45. WOoTWoot!! So happy to see we met the goal!

    There should really be a group for these updates on facebook….I just found out today about putting my name on the list for a tear away page from Billboard….just sucks because I don’t do twitter often enough… just being whiny, sorry :/

    So, who won the raffles?? :)

  46. I love you all for doing this for us …the fans! You are all amazing for putting this all together! I also thankyou for posting as you go to let us know how things are going. You have done a great job!
    LUV Meg

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    • We have a few more raffles to announce winners to (they close this evening, winner to be announced after!) – but those who won the earlier mini raffles had already been announced on Twitter. :)

      We’ll post a big update this weekend with totals and updates on what we’re plotting and planning!

  48. Are the people who donated going to be able to see the layout before it is actually in the magazine? If the ad has already been placed, I am taking that to mean the layout is done so I was just curious if we are going to be able to see it beforehand. I thought an update earlier said that we would?

  49. I love what you guys are doing!
    This is a great way to thank the guys for everything.
    So proud of the BH family.
    Lots of hugs to all of you from a BH from South Africa. :)

  50. Im so excited for this to go down, but so bummed I won’t be there to see their faces! These guys are so incredible, and this was an awesome idea. I love the heart idea!

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  52. Great work ladies!
    And great work everyone who donated! Thanks!

    I have butterflies in MY tummie about all this, and on how it all is going down, the guys reactions; first of the ad and then the hearts. And I sit all over here and not even in the same part of the world! Can only imagine how you all feel, that are working in this and those who are attending at the Orpheum!!

    Saturday can´t come soon enough!!

    I hope there will be some documentation about it. So we can see how it went!
    I guess media will be there, and maybe we will show the world what BH´s are able to do!

    I´m proud to be a Swedish BH and I´m proud of you; Dena, Maria, Lori and Laurina for making this!!!!

  53. Wow!!
    You DID it.
    It was so amazing to sit here at 0.30 am and watch it all go down. (I got to bed at 4 am) Tweets, pics, videos, and more videos when I woke up and I sobbed. A lot.
    The guys really are so deeply emotional for me/us.
    It was so beautiful all of the surprise, and thank you for pulling this of. A BIG #ThankYou
    You say that without us it would never had happened, but truth is, without YOU it would never had happened! I´m so truly proud to be a Blockhead.

  54. So so proud of what u ladies did in order for us to be a part of such an amazing thing. How many fans wud do that for there fav band? None I bet..theres just something more special in being a blockhead. Thank u so much for letting me be a part of it..totally grateful. ..fantastic job u ladies did..#bhlove

    Blockhead from ireland
    @ddubsirishbitch xx

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